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Dynamite Comes in Small Packages: The Secrets of the Compact Gym

source : ZIVA/ We love the fitness industry: the constant competition, the unending drive to optimize, and – more than anything – helping gym-goers get[…]

How Does Working Out & Training Benefit Your Mental Capacity?

Source: ISSA USA/ Why is it that doing deadlifts, jumping on boxes, and doing interval cardio—among many other things—helps us sleep better, be more productive[…]

Why Become a Personal Trainer for Seniors?

With the aging baby boomer generation, there is an increase in the number of seniors. These older adults are seeking fitness solutions. Not only do[…]

Ladies Building Muscle

Many women gravitate to the cardio machines due to a fear of getting bulky if they incorporate too much weight into their workout. However, strength[…]

Packing Materials

Life Fitness’s corrugate is 100% recyclable and is done so upon installation. We continuously assess and redesign our product packaging to decrease raw materials by[…]

Design For Health

Life Fitness participates in Design for Health to enhance: 2021-22 Achiever Level for Accessories, Strength, and Cardio Each product family is assessed and rated, earning[…]

Fit For The Planet

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling- Minimizing Waste The most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. Making a new[…]

Green Initiatives from Life Fitness

Companies like Life Fitness are leading the charge in environment-friendly manufacturing and distribution processes for its clear benefit our global well-being. Private industry has the[…]

Workout & Training Advice

Everybody wants to get the most from their training. Whatever your area of expertise, write content that helps your readers find answers to their most[…]