Sustainability is not a new phenomenon for WE’R FITNESS. Our company has been implementing various rational and maintainable practices that naturally protect the environment, preserve resources, and encourage responsible waste disposal. We believe in diversity human resources and ensuring that all personnel are treated equally. WE’R FITNESS’ business sustainability through Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts are on-going and excellently implemented through responsible decision making and management practices.


We’R Fitness business continuous efforts are a significant part of our operations. Our people are highly skilled with knowledge, experience, and passion. We leverage proprietary information systems to support customers on their ESG initiatives. We believe that our customers’ success is our success.


  • Eco-friendly practices in Life Fitness product designs, manufacture & distribution.
  • Corrugated recycles.
  • Design for health.


  • Fair treatment of customer & suppliers
  • Staff Welfare
  • Charitable engagement


  • Business ethnic
  • Incentive structure
  • Diversity, equity inclusive in workplace


We adopt innumerable ESG practices with and through our internal and external stakeholders. Internally, our company maintain a good record in protecting worker health and safety, managing impact to the environment, and implementing diversity and inclusion in human resource management. Externally, we partner with world’s best fitness manufacturers with similar philosophies.

Life Fitness is a leader in environment-friendly manufacturing and distribution processes of fitness products and solutions. We are delighted that our representation of Life Fitness products and solutions are designed for human well-being and green earth.

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