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Our mission is to provide every Malaysian with high end fitness equipment and supporting services in a professional manner.

We’R Fitness is driven to inspire business success, lifestyle changes, and personal transformations. We strive to see our partners realize their potential through positive results. It is our duty to constantly improve the customer experience so that the people and businesses we interact with are able to thrive.

The physical and psychological benefits of exercising properly are evident. We believe our quality and complete range of health and fitness products (cardio, strength, flooring, fitness accessories & peripheral and club management systems) will give you an unparalleled advantages. We have a solution for every facility and exerciser (fitness centers, hospitality, schools, strata properties and homes). Breadth gives us the power to be inclusive. Our comprehensive product portfolio allows for your fitness facilities and exercisers to create the experiences and purpose driven goal ideal for themselves.

In the digital age, we have extended that reach into cybernated technology. The transformation makes it even easier to form a connection with those striving for an active lifestyle. And our pool of human resources with high skills, in-depth understanding, experience and fluid intelligence are confident to serve.

Essential Marque

Life Fitness is our premium and trusted fitness and health label. Life Fitness families of brands comprised of five distinct brands. They are Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, SciFit and Indoor Cycling Group. Functional training with gear such as free weights and suspension training are essential tools in every exercise modality.

Ziva and TRX products will facilitate an innovate and injury-free exercise programming for qualified fitness professional, for every facility and for every exerciser.Floors play a pivotal role in every facility. Pavigym and Neoflex are our recommended industrial floor solutions to withstand impact and traffic, support high performance functions, and create personalized exercise zones.

Ultimately, a facility should equipped with a reliable, cost efficient and state of the art Hatch club management system. Hatch systems is integrated with an accounting system. These platforms enable seamless processes and workflows, while pillaring administrative and membership management efficiency. The cloud based Hatch systems transfer the operator’s human resource from arduous paperwork to engaging profit generating activities and interaction with your clients.


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